In Baroque Series the composition of the built up scenes is outlined by light in darkened spaces, reminiscent of 17th century chiaroscuro painting. Like in baroque imagery, the selection of motifs balances between beauty and death.

Still Life (2004) is based on the classical Vanities Motif. The eyes sockets of a skull are reflected in a way that make them come alive and meet the gaze of the viewer.

Like the curiosity cabinets of the baroque, filled with exotic things,Collection of Birds in Shelf (2004) shows a collection. The only connection between these birds is that they have been depicted on this shelf, which also supplies the photograph with its depth and framing.

Primavera (2005) shows a detail of Botticelli's eponymous painting; a dark field with light flowers. In the painting the Gods walk on the field, but in the photograph it is empty and has become the subject.

Portrait of Princess (2007) is a photograph inspired by Pisanello's profile portrait of Ginevra d'Este (Portrait of Princess). D'Este was killed by her husband over an alleged infidelity. The presence of certain symbols in the painting leads to the conclusion that it was done after her death. In the photograph the woman has turned her head slightly to gaze with one eye at the viewer, and at the same time she is reaching out, as if trying to feel the invisible border between her world and ours.

Draperie Suspendue (2004) shows a piece of hanging cloth, not unlike the shroud of Turin - but devoid of any impression on the surface, which has absorbed all light.

Scene (2006) consists of a simplified model of a baroque theatre in wax. The only light source in the photograph is the image of a tree, projected on the other side of the semi-transparent back wall. The light is gradually filtered out by scenery made of wax.