Les archives suédoises Del 1. Öppnandet
Gävle Konstcentrum 2017

A second installation of Les archives suèdoises Del 1. Öppnandet at Gävle Konstcentrum in April - May 2017
Digital prints on Awigami paper, oak, dimensions variable. Sculptures by Freddy Tsimba
The opening-up of the missionary fields is taken as a starting point for the exhibition – the long and arduous trek on narrow caravan trails where porters carried all the goods necessary –sometimes perishing in the process– to remote missionary stations. In the installation Kristi Kärlek tvingar oss (The love of God forces us) the viewer encounters the missionaries porters, first the lonely woman in the landscape, and then, as one moves through the exhibition space, she returns in fragments and retakes, finally surrounded by the other porters.
The meeting between the fragile ephemeral photographic works and fragments of Tsimba’s rusting sculptures create a space where the meaning of the archival images can be opened up as a site of negotiation and multiple perspectives, and where an embodied encounter with the audience can take place.